My Travel to England

This wiki is about England where to go, what to see, are there any famous people,

famous food and where to stay.

This is the flag of England represents the saint Georges cross. The red cross has been around since the middle ages and was one of the earliest know emblems represent to England.


National Anthem of England

God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen: Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: God save the Queen. Thy choicest gifts in store, On her be pleased to pour; Long may she reign: May she defend our laws, And ever give us cause To sing with heart and voice God save the Queen. O Lord, our God, arise, Scatter thine enemies, And make them fall: Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks, On thee our hopes we fix: God save us all. Not in this land alone, But be God's mercies known, From shore to shore! Lord make the nations see, That men should brothers be, And form one family, The wide world over. From every latent foe, From the assassins blow, God save the Queen! O'er her thine arm extend, For Britain's sake defend, Our mother, prince, and friend, God save the Queen! Lord grant that Marshall Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush.God save the Queen!

Some Facts about England

The population of England is 51,446,000 people. this was from 2008.

The capital city of England is Lomdon.

The countrys that soround England are Scotland and Whales.



This is Englands currency.