Englands clothing

England's clothing is a lot different to what it use to be back in the old time.
This is some of the clothing we see today in England.lamb-twiggy-plaid-coat.jpg elizabeth-and-james-lucinda-dress.jpg One_True_Saxon_Englands_Finest_T_Shirt_in_Sky_Blue.jpgsome of the tradinal clothing are things like these out fits.150px-Charles_II_%281675%29.jpg 767px-The_Secret_of_England%27s_Greatness%27_(Queen_Victoria_presenting_a_Bible_in_the_Audience_Chamber_at_Windsor)_by_Thomas_Jones_Barker.jpg dress2.jpg Edward_VI_of_England_c__1546.jpg

pearly_101.jpgThis is the costum for the pearly kings and queens.

morris.jpgThis is some morris dancers.

lifeguard.jpgThis is a lifeguard.

beefeater%20large.jpgThis is a beefeater.

footguard.jpgTHis is a footguard.

pensioner.jpgThis is a chelsea pensioner.